World War III Black Gold

World War III Black Gold 1.2

You can choose between USA, Russia or Iraq to fight for the black gold (oil)
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World War III Black Gold is an strategy game developed by Reality Pump.
This game is based on the present time, with real weapons in a conflict with real motivations and very similar to those of today. You will have the three sides, which are Russia, Iraq and the United States. Each side has a different form of warfare, so each ones need a variety of strategies to their troops.

Iraq: They have the worst weapons but also has the ability to hide in the ground. In addition they have kamikaze units and two long distance weapons.

Russia: Located on the intermediate side of power, make up for its lack of attack with many units to use in their attacks. In addition, they have the possibility to build an spy center to know all his enemies movements.

United States: Of course they have the best weapons, specially the long distance arms.

You must remember that all the sides have chemical weapons.

Graphics and sound
The designers have paid much attention to details, The graphics are very realistic. The sound effects are excellent as well as the sound track..

In conclusion, this is an excellent game, you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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